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 Angelica Doukas- Ventrue Clan

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PostSubject: Angelica Doukas- Ventrue Clan   Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:39 pm

Nickname: Ange
Age: 100
Apparent Age: 25
Race: White
Nationality: Byzantine
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 120
Eye Color: Green
Weapon of Choice: Dagger
Merits: reputation, pawn, boon, common sense, manse and nobility
Flaws: ward, over confident, taint of corruption, hunted and driving goal

Angelica Doukas has slipped through the centuries under a cloak of nobility. Born to the house of Komnenos, she has known aristocracy and painful betrayal from the start. She was betrothed and married to an estranged military commander by the name of Constantine at a very young age. Angelica had seven children by Constantine before he met his human death during a war campaign. Upon his return he decided to give the immortal gift to his mortal companion and they used their children to retain their place in society.

Both Angelica and Constantine vowed to follow the trinity through their immortality, ready to meet the true death if it meant upholding their beliefs. They followed the teachings of Antonious, the Ventrue ancient whose blood fueled their clan. Constantine remained Angelica’s maker and companion until the madness of a changing society forced him into torpor. After her release she continued to usurp the identity of her children and in turn their children, their close lineage resemblance making it easy for her to go undetected. She has been known by many names, the only unmistakable signs of her true identity are her intense green eyes and a scar on her lower back.

In present day, she has lived the undead life for one hundred years and is fueled by the promise she made to her lover and her maker, to keep their family and the trinity alive. Her hidden secrets continue to hunt her through the ages, despite her many precautions the truth about her identity is known by one and the time of her true death looms around. The crusades are closing in with the help of unknown sources seeded deep within her city. Angelica trusts few and despises more as the rumors of betrayal from her own blood rises. She keeps eyes everywhere within Constantinople, weaving lies and betrayal to fight for her own holy agenda.
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PostSubject: Re: Angelica Doukas- Ventrue Clan   Tue Mar 10, 2015 10:22 am

This character gonna die.
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Angelica Doukas- Ventrue Clan
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