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 Artio Sirona

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PostSubject: Artio Sirona   Sat Jan 31, 2015 9:48 pm

In the winter of 1118 AD, Artio Sirona was born in the dark innards of a bear cave on the border that joined the kingdoms of Dubb Linn, Southern Ui Neill, and Leinster. Her mother, Rhianon Sirona, a well-respected pagan priestess in Dubb Linn whose spirit was just as fiery as her untamable red hair and whose last name put her in a long line of healers under the Goddess of healing, had a vision of a bear on the first night she slept with her husband, Bjorn Erhard of Dubb Linn, a giant of a Viking whose family was deeply rooted in the Gaelic culture for decades since the first Vikings had landed in the 9th century. Because of the vision, her mother knew the child she spawned would live under the protection of Artio, the Goddess of the Bear. Artio, the mortal, was raised in a household that heavily reflected the Gaelic culture of the area, because that’s the only way her mother would have it. Thus, as she matured under the strict guidance of Rhianon, she became skilled in the art of healing, astronomy, and the ways of nature. It wasn’t long before Art became a high pagan priestess in Dubb Linn. Due to the overprotective and often overwhelmingly suffocating nature of Rhianon, all of her knowledge and skills went underappreciated by Art, for she longed for what her father’s ancestors had known. She longed for the seas.


At age 24, in the year of 1142, an unfamiliar Viking crew lead by Kaarle Rán, who was known to have mastered the sea, thus living up to the Viking Sea God he was named after, pulled ashore. Kaarle made it known to the port of Dubb Linn that his crew would not be there long. They were looking for a special kind of treasure. Kaarle, who was a 6th generation Gangrel, had been granted permission to create a Childe, and he was looking forward to having companionship of the opposite sex for the purposes of having something new and interesting and not of the male persuasion. He saw Artio, a stunning red head whose fire hair danced in the wind rather than raged, with eyes whose blue cried out for the sea, and he knew it wouldn’t take much to convince her to be embraced.


Artio jumped at the first chance of finally exploring the deep waters of the sea, never mind the vampire thing, and together, with Kaarle’s crew of surly Gangrels, toured the waters all over and between Ireland and Denmark for 27 years.


In the year of 1169, Kaarle and Art and crew were on the shores of Ireland when the Norman Invasion began. For the last decade, Art had been growing more and more impatient with the back and forth between Ireland and Denmark. Rumors of the invading Normans and their new religion had been spreading across the island, and Kaarle could tell that Art longed for more than the waters they’d explored. She was curious about the ways of this new God and these strange people who thought so highly of themselves. Kaarle granted the release of Art in the same year, and she convinced a ship master to allow her passage on his ship. Using her skills as a healer, Artio slowly and smartly worked her way to the heart of the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople, a little bitter with the knowledge that pagans were considered “lesser” and more savage than these Christians and their one measly God. Perhaps she could knock some sense into these heathen Crusaders and strange Muslims…
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PostSubject: Re: Artio Sirona   Tue Mar 10, 2015 10:22 am

This character gonna die.
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Artio Sirona
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