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 Dexter Androst

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PostSubject: Dexter Androst   Mon Feb 09, 2015 10:24 pm

Dexter Androst was born. Like many before him, he came forth from the genetics of two people who rather enjoyed one another’s company. And in that enjoyment they created a human. This one, they decided to name Dexter. Shortly after creating Dexter, the people he would later learn to refer to as his parents, decided to make another one. Dexter always wondered if his parents enjoyed him so much they wanted another. Or if they were so disgusted with him that they decided to start from scratch. Regardless, just two years into existence, a partner offspring came about. Felicia, they labeled this one. And what a Felicia she was. Why, she was such a Felicia, Dexter never met another Felicia who could Felicia like Felicia.

Dexter grew up the son of a farmer. His parents owned the land they worked, so they lived a bit more comfortably than most. Dexter’s parents even managed to afford some schooling for Dexter. His father always said he was a special child. Even his teacher noted he learned exceptionally quickly. However, noted by many were his smaller quirks. Dexter was known to mumble to himself. Known to lose interest in the mundane. Most notably, he regularly referred to Gabriel, his best friend. Often he would spend entire evenings speaking with Gabriel, learning the ways of the world. Suspiciously, Gabriel had never been seen or heard from by anyone, save Dexter. Fearing their son would be thought to be conversing with demons, no one in Dexter’s family dared mention that fact. And so life continued.

As Dexter reached adulthood, he came to care for very few things. Gabriel, whom he trusted implicitly, seemed to be the relationship that mattered most to him. He would refuse to do things with the explanation of “Gabriel wouldn’t like me doing that.” Once he was resolute that Gabriel would disapprove, swaying him was out of the question. Beyond Gabriel, the only thing Dexter valued was his sister, Felicia. She had grown to be a lovely young woman. Her hair, black as night. Her eyes shone a brilliant green. Her skin, so fair she appeared made of porcelain. While she was a beautiful woman, and sought by many, she was a bit simple. While Dexter took to academics like that of a starved wolf to a wounded deer. Felicia stared at her teachers with little more understanding than the crude doll she clutched to her. However, Felicia loved her brother dearly and would do anything he asked. In that relationship, Dexter protected Felicia fiercely.

Upon Dexter’s twentieth birthday, Gabriel spoke seriously with Dexter. As Dexter understood, he was to sneak into Felicia’s bedroom, and wake her. The two were then to quietly depart the house and meet Gabriel deep within the woods. Dexter, like a loyal servant, did as he was commanded. Felicia, trusting her brother wholly, followed him into the forest. When they reached the meeting place, Gabriel was nowhere to be found. Felicia took rest on a fallen tree, clinging her cloak close to fight the cold. As Dexter paced, he noticed the shape of Gabriel approach. He rushed to his friend, excited to find what was planned for them. Dexter was told he would never return home, and would never see his parents again. As the shock and surprise set in, Gabriel presented a blade to Dexter. He was instructed to show his true commitment, and release his sister from her mortal being. Gabriel assured that everything would end well. Dexter, trusting no other, hesitantly approached his sister. She stared up at him, pulling herself upright to hear what her brother had to say. Dexter hugged his sister, telling her that everything would work out, and that Gabriel said so. As he drew back from her, he gripped the blade. With a slow, deliberate motion he drove the blade into her chest. She looked to the blade and back to him, frozen in fear. As blood began to rise from her mouth, she let out but a whimper. Dexter looked into the bright green eyes of his younger sister. He watched the life spark of life slowly diminish. As she took her last breath, Dexter whispered softly, “Bye, Felicia.” And in that moment, as his sister died at his hands,

Gabriel sank his fangs deep into Dexter’s neck. His mind spun with confusion. He fought to come to grips with what was happening. His sister dying, his closest and most trusted friend attacking him. Yet he felt oddly peaceful. In that moment, both Dexter and his sister Felicia lost their lives. The difference being, Dexter came back.

The next fifty years with his new sire, Gabriel, brought Dexter to the very edge of sanity. Then, politely, nudged him off. His sire twisted his mind and his reality. During the day, in his dreams, he saw fantastical things. Giant birds of metal that carried people about. A man with a ridiculous mustache who had a distaste for juice. Even small boy prancing about before a large crowd of people, singing about some girl named ‘mollie’ and whipping his tongue about. But his nights became maddening and often painful. At times Gabriel would be as he was. A friend who taught Dexter of the society he was now a part of. As well as how to survive and remain undetected. Other times he was a demon. Screaming commands and physically punishing Dexter for his wrongdoings. Even at times, punishing him for his rightdoings. After those fifty years, Dexter awake one evening to find Gabriel gone. His belongings and personal effects still where they would be, yet Gabriel himself was absent. That day was August 17, 1098. That was the day Dexter Androst was finally, and truly, alone.
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PostSubject: Re: Dexter Androst   Tue Mar 10, 2015 10:22 am

This character gonna die.
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Dexter Androst
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